Dear friends,

Today more than ever, our mission is to support each other in these difficult times. We move forward together with patience and optimism in this time of uncertainty. We strive to protect the health and well-being of our teams, our clients and the communities we serve.

At Valet de pique, we have sought to be helpful. We worked with our laser engraving provider, Mako Boutique Workshop, to number, date and eventually personalize your leather goods. The Mako team are "Makers" driven by a desire to tinker, divert, recover, invent and innovate. Their factory-boutique is located in the heart of Paris, not far from our partner factory which manufactures our pieces.

In direct link with the Pierre & Marie Curie Institute and the Robert Debré University Hospital, we have studied and designed two models of visors validated by the hospital structures allowing the wearing of glasses as well as FFP2 respiratory masks while respecting the hygiene criteria. Our technical know-how and our activities have allowed us to have all the necessary elements to conceptualize, produce, and donate protective visors these last weeks. However, they are now running out of materials and we need help to continue these donations to the health staff. We still need to pay for the purchase of materials, logistics, manufacturing and delivery.

For 5€ we can make three visors!

Mako has therefore launched, with our support, a crowdfunding campaign to make as many visors as possible.

If we tell you about it, it's because we hope that the project will touch you and that you will want to help a little.


We want to continue to embody optimism and solidarity as we face this unprecedented challenge. Together we will rise again. With warmth and gratitude, Valet de pique

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