Leather goods made in france

Discover Colette, the handbag

Pourquoi Valet de pique ?

A Valet is a traditional leatherworking tool that allows you to sew "with pliers". The leather is held firmly, allowing the use of both hands. The leather is then pricked with the pointed end of an awl, then the leather fibers are pulled apart to allow the seam to pass.

A philosophy at the heart of creation

At Valet de pique we want to be actor of tomorrow's world, we want to imagine it, to create it. We have a desire to return to real things, we are in search of authenticity, concrete, real. This is why we have chosen the made in France of artisanal know-how, durable, timeless leather goods.
This bag will only live worn, a handbag resulting from hundreds of hours of work, gestures, passion, history, art, know-how, and this is just the beginning of the story...