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French leatherworker-saddler.

Our Story

In November 2018, Martin met a manufacturer in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. This family business held by a brother and sister holding a know-how for over a hundred years, makes leather harnesses, tool cases and nail pockets. Everything is made by hand or with machines as old as the company. Authentic, local and sustainable. It makes sense and it fits with his values. Alarmed by the development and impacts of fast-fashion, Martin has set himself a challenge: to highlight French know-how while rediscovering a sense of proportion in consumption. The objective is simple: to transmit a know-how, a history, a passion for craftsmanship in each piece. All while valuing jobs, craftsmanship, beautiful products, beautiful material by taking care of those around us, and what surrounds us.

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Why Valet de Pique?

A Valet is a traditional leatherworking tool that allows you to sew "with pliers". The leather is held firmly, allowing the use of both hands. The leather is then pricked with the pointed end of an awl, then the leather fibers are pulled apart to allow the seam to pass.

Our values