Ce nouveau porte-cartes a quelque chose d'incroyable !

There's something amazing about this new card holder!

Do you remember our first Gustave card holder?

Here is a picture to refresh your memory:

Gustave gets better!

At Valet de pique, we believe that we can always do better. That's why we've made the Gustave card holder even better to meet your expectations, to be even more practical and easy to use, and to please you as much as possible with its design.

What have we improved on the new model?

The first version had two credit card sized slots and a smaller slot for tickets or small loyalty cards. The leather was full grain cowhide and was quite thick and stiff. The points we have improved will make the card holder even more functional.

In the new version of the card holder, the leather is still a full grain cowhide because we wanted to keep a good quality of leather. However, we needed to improve the flexibility of the card holder. So we chose to reduce the thickness and make the holder still strong but a little thinner, more flexible and therefore more convenient to put away and take out the cards from the slots and more comfortable in the pocket.

But the size has not changed!

We haven't changed the size of the card holder itself, yet the new version will allow you to store more cards! Are we magicians? Almost! Let me explain how this is possible. Instead of using the card holder vertically, you will now have to use it horizontally. This allows us to enlarge the small slot to credit card size and you can even fit 2 cards per slot!

And the design in all this?

As for the design, the edges are more rounded which brings modernity, the seams are thinner and you can always personalize it! As for the colors, they have not changed, you will find the Gustave cardholder in black, chocolate and honey.

Are you eager to test the new version of the Gustave cardholder?

To discover it, it's just HERE!

On our side, we can't wait to have your opinion, after having worked hard on this new model.

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