Top 6 Idée de cadeau diplôme

Top 6 Graduation Gift Idea

After graduation, it is crucial to find a gift idea to congratulate the lucky candidate. And for good reason ! Indeed, it is not given to everyone to achieve such a feat. This implies nights of work, the confrontation of exams, days sacrificed for the benefit of studies, etc. Thus, all these efforts deserve to be haloed by a gift ( for thesis gifts, see this top 3 ) Here are some gift ideas for obtaining a diploma, likely to please.

1 - A personalized leather belt, a practical and lasting diploma gift idea

camel leather belt made in France
Before giving a gift to someone who has just graduated, it is important to know their preferences. Thus, it reassures you that the present will please him. However, if you are looking for a durable and always useful gift, give him a leather belt. And to make her unique, choose personalized writing to add her name, surname, quote, etc.

However, for the complete satisfaction of your recipient, opt for a quality product. To this end, if you are infatuated with leather goods made in France, take a look at the site . You will find there precisely any type of belt such as the saddler belt with a brass buckle, designed to last. One thing is certain, the graduate for whom it is intended will love it for its usefulness and quality.


2 - A customizable passport holder, ideal for protecting the passport

leather passport holder made in France

If you are looking for a gift to appear thoughtful, you can give the graduate a passport holder. This diploma gift idea will ensure the protection of your passport. For example, during its passage through customs or registration, it will not be damaged. On the other hand, for an elegant and simple passport cover, opt for a full grain leather material.

This material is known to last over time. On the other hand, a personalized passport cover will make your present even more interesting. So if you want to get the adrenaline pumping, personalize your gift by writing words that will touch your recipient. Finally, the passport cover also shows your optimism that he can travel one day to fulfill his dreams.


3 - A case, a recommended gift idea for the safety of fragile objects

Leather case made in France

To show your attachment to the graduate, offer him a case. This graduation present will ensure the safety of her sensitive and important items. By rewarding him with this gift, he can therefore use it to protect his tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc. For the occasion, the choice of the color of the case must be significant.

In other words, go for a color that conveys a specific message. As an example, chocolate signifies comfort and sweetness. Black, on the other hand, testifies to simplicity, sobriety, while honey, calm and vitality. On the other hand, for optimal security of the case, choose a model designed in full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather.


4 - A card holder, a timeless and refined gift

chocolate leather card holder

Before offering a gift to a person, it is necessary above all to think of him. Imagine what your present will bring more to his existence. With this in mind, to simplify the life of the graduate, you can offer him a card holder. The reason is that he is now throwing himself into the world of employment and therefore he will be called upon to receive cards from several companies.

However, the card holder will be used to carefully store these different cards. Beyond this functionality, this present is elegant and trendy. To enhance your gift even more, a leather card holder would be interesting. In addition to being durable and useful, this model promotes discretion and is easily accessible. The icing on the cake, it is available at a price within reach of all budgets.


5 - A purse, a timeless graduation gift idea

leather wallet

With a wallet as a graduation gift, the recipient is likely to be impressed. This is a present that demonstrates your careful attention to the protection of his finances. Some models like Jack of Spades have a large slot for bills. Likewise, they have sections dedicated to the identity card or driving licence.

Furthermore, the purse can, like the card holder, accommodate several cards. And to crown the trick, it will be used to keep the coins or metro tickets of its owner. Before offering it to the young graduate, put some coins in it. And to arouse more emotions in him, bring a touch of personalization. In doing so, your present will remain etched in his memory with each use.


6 - A bag, favorable in any situation

leather bags
The bag remains and remains an important accessory in the life of any person. Thus, offering it to a graduate, regardless of gender, means guaranteeing its constant use. For men, it comes in several models including satchels, briefcases, backpacks or travel bags and computer bags. And for women, the handbag, the tote bag, the bucket bag, etc.


In any case, you can offer your relative who has just graduated a bag taking into account his professional career. Therefore, a laptop sleeve would be a good fit for an IT person. While a briefcase would be ideal for people in finance. However, the color just like the quality counts enormously in the satisfaction which will bring your present.

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