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Here comes the ringing of the alarm clock. No matter what age, no matter what training, sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to get out of bed. If friends or prospects for the day aren't always enough, maybe the idea of ​​walking around with your leather handbag can help. Leather tote bag, briefcase, leather bucket bag, leather satchel, the shapes are numerous.

handbag tote course

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One thing is certain: these are original models, customizable and made in France in a sustainable way. They are the ideal companions for a day of lessons. Like a luxury tote, a woman's handbag is her own little world. A large bag gives self-confidence. Whether you prefer a small clutch, a shoulder bag or a messenger bag, the handbag is used every day. It is much more than a simple fashion accessory, it is an everyday friend. And confidence, to succeed in your studies, you will admit that it is rather important, isn't it?

French know-how

handbag course

Each Valet de Pique leather bag represents several hours of work. Like your own studies leading you to a specific goal. That of the saddler craftsman is the making of an object perfectly elaborated from every angle, elegant, aesthetic, practical and solid. Everything you've come to expect when taking your classes on your way to college. Under the expert hands of our French craftsmen, your future handbag is born little by little. For perfect finishes, the materials used are of excellent quality. Our bags are in full grain leather, made in France and handcrafted. They reflect the quality of French luxury leather goods. Prestige can be read in the veins of cowhide leather. Each bag is numbered and dated as a luxury item. But they are fully part of the daily life of men and women who like to display an elegant object belonging to them. To brighten up your daily life, the leather bag can be personalized. A favorite word, a mantra or a memory that you want to keep anchored in the leather of your favorite bag, it's possible.

Which handbag for classes?

1 - A briefcase or binder to slip your computer into

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Above all functional, the bag models adapt to everyone's taste. A black handbag to be able to wear it with everything or a colored handbag (brown, chocolate, navy blue, red, taupe, ecru, honey, etc.) to bring joy to your daily life and make it match with her new favorite shoes. Everyone chooses their own bag model to create their own emotions. The Louis bag is the ideal companion for a day at school or at work. To go to college, art or engineering school or just to the library to prepare for your future defense. Soft leather briefcase, it accompanies chic or more casual outfits. Its inside pocket allows you to safely carry keys, a card holder, a purse or a lucky charm. Inspired by doctor's kits that can carry many accessories, the magnetic closure protects all the contents of the case. Personal effects are kept warm and secretly. Why not use it for courses at the medical school for example? A good way to see yourself already a little. What's in a pretty bag? For each and everyone, it is much more than a fashion accessory. It is a pocket that contains treasures. Émile, the satchel, is reminiscent of the vintage bags that children carried on their way to school. In a more classic style with its two closures, it is simple, minimalist and easily accommodates a computer, books, notebooks, pencil case...

2 - A bucket bag to store your charms

handbag bucket course

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The leather bucket bag bears the first name of a great French actress: Judith Godrèche. Like the Parisiennes known around the world for their elegance, the bucket bag is timeless. Simple piece nevertheless exceptional by its noble material and its dimensions, it is the ideal bag for a day between two amphitheatres. Initially used to transport champagne without breaking the bottles, it now allows you to store your precious and essential belongings such as your kit, your notebooks, your leather wallet, your pouch, your diary or your tablet. In full-grain leather, refined and elegant, it acquires a patina over time for long-term use. Judith can accompany you, from the beginning of your studies until your final success and much longer. The leather bucket bag represents the extension of the woman who wears it and entrusts it with her most precious belongings. Having your hands free thanks to super comfortable handles, in smooth leather, is the promise of an active day where you feel useful.

3 - A tote bag to gain self-confidence

leather tote bag

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Open your bag, find your daily belongings, a little forgotten love note or a lucky charm quickly slipped before an exam. The Léonie tote bag is much more than a tool; he is the companion of the one who, every day at school or at university, seeks to surpass herself more and more. Its wide dimensions and large handles make this leather tote bag the ideal container for a computer, several course books or a bottle of your favorite drink. It hugs the silhouette perfectly to stick to the body of the wearer and give her the confidence she deserves. Inspired by the first shopping bag dedicated to businessmen, it now comes in several colors to the delight of women. For students looking for a leather bag that can elegantly accompany them during their years of study, Léonie is the ideal shopping bag. Its full-grain leather, vegetable tanning and the processes used in the Biarritz workshops make it a durable bag over time. After class, once your diploma is in your pocket, your leather handbag can accompany you to work. Spring, summer, autumn, winter, it is timeless and will be part of your memories. And over several generations: if your daughter also uses it for her lessons in a few years, wouldn't that be a great message of success?

Accompanying yourself with an object that you love to celebrate your daily victories is a pleasant and reassuring idea. The Valet de Pique leather shoulder bag is the ideal container for school days. Whether it's called Léonie, Louis, Émile or Judith, the handbag becomes a lucky charm when you slip your favorite objects into it. A good way to gain confidence thanks to French saddlery know-how that gives pride of place to quality materials to transform them into life companions. The models are numerous and adapted to each day of the week. Which handbag to choose and for which outfit? It's time to have fun. And even if it accompanies you every day, your luxury bag will be faithful for a long time. With a lot of feelings and a little maintenance, the love affair with your hard leather handbag may be the longest of your life. Its smooth leather is very easy to maintain. At Valet de Pique, we like love stories, the proof!

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