Top 6 des idées de cadeaux pour vos noces de cuir !

Top 6 gift ideas for your leather wedding!

The leather nuptials are one of the first steps on the great path that is your marriage to your better half. Here is our selection of beautiful pieces of leather to offer for your second year of marriage. Leather being a noble and complex material, its use requires great technical skill in order to be able to make the best use of it when designing products. The second wedding anniversary is an important time to celebrate a strong and privileged love for two. A stage of life synonymous with affection, memory, passion.
Who better than our brand of leather goods made in France to guide you through your choices of your beautiful leather wedding gift?

Leather wedding gift idea for women

1 - The Colette leather handbag

To celebrate your 2 years of marriage, you have a wide choice. A romantic evening at the restaurant, a weekend in a new destination which can also allow you to remember your honeymoon. If you are looking for a gift related to the material symbolizing your two years of marriage, a solid, comfortable, durable material that is leather, then the Colette handbag from the Valet de Pique brand is an idea that will symbolize your union. . Our Colette handbag is one of Valet de Pique's key pieces, its definition: timeless and elegant. Its sober design and practicality allow daily use. Whether worn across the body or on the shoulder, this very light bag provides great comfort while aligning perfectly with the silhouette.

The Colette bag has an adjustable leather shoulder strap 1.5 cm wide and an interior flat pocket in soft leather. This allows easy access to put small things apart like keys or a mobile phone.

2 - The Judith leather bucket bag

The Judith bucket bag is very popular for its round design making it both aesthetically beautiful and practical due to its large capacity. The bucket bag first invented to hold champagne has been reworked by several major leather goods houses to make handbags.
We have therefore reworked this model through a remarkable manufacturing process by resizing it and giving it a very refined appearance. This bag is therefore perfect for people who are used to carrying a lot of things with them without having to hold a very large bag.

3 - The Alfred leather wallet

The Alfred wallet, a minimalist and chic piece with a noble material that acquires a patina over time. This model is just big enough to fit in and just small enough not to take up too much space in bags or pants.
Leather wallets are generally a very nice gift first of all because they are everyday objects that last over time and with which you quickly create an emotional bond. In addition, these are quality products suitable for slightly tighter budgets that allow you to please without offering a large bag. A perfect little gift for leather weddings.

Leather wedding gift idea for men

1 - The Alphonse leather backpack

The alphonse leather backpack is a revealing piece of the technique and know-how around the leather of our Parisian manufacture. This timeless model inspired by old mountain backpacks and postman PTT satchels is suitable for all kinds of outfits whether professional or informal.
This bag is big enough to hold a computer, charger, files, books, water bottle and sweater. The small outer pocket can hold small items. It is therefore a functional model with a fairly vintage appearance with simple and fine lines. This leather wedding gift can also be suitable for a woman.

2 - The Charles leather tablet case

The Charles tablet case is made with the intention of being both beautiful and protective. The leather used for its manufacture is full grain leather (the most noble) thick and waterproof. This provides both rugged and waterproof protection for your device whether at home or on the go.
The inside of the sleeve can accommodate a tablet ranging from 9 to 11 inches. It is available in 3 colors: Honey, Chocolate and Black.

3 - The Marcel leather belt

The Marcel leather belt is a belt made in France in our workshop located in Paris. This belt can be a very nice attention because it can be personalized for 10€ with a small text, initials or other things. This gift allows you to offer a quality object that will last over time without breaking the budget.
This belt is available in 3 different sizes and colors. With a width of 30mm it fits easily in all pants and the buckle is made of brass. A gift for leather weddings on a small budget.
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