La personnalisation au service de cadeaux uniques !

Personalization at the service of unique gifts!

Finding gift ideas for Christmas can sometimes turn out to be a real ordeal… Why not let yourself be tempted by a personalized and unique gift? At Valet de Pique we offer you the possibility of personalizing each of our pieces of leather goods to offer or treat yourself.

From the quote to the initials through a song, a joke or simply a first and last name, all your ideas will be engraved both on the leather and in the heart of the person to whom you are going to offer it!

How about we give you a helping hand for inspiration?

For these end-of-year celebrations, your objective is ours: to give a smile to the loved ones you wish to spoil. Whether it's for your friends, your parents, your brothers and sisters or even your spouse, there is something for everyone.


No matter what you put under the tree, your parents will be delighted to have you by their side for New Year's Eve but admit that it always feels better to offer a gift of good quality, design and practicality!

For example, it is possible to engrave a date that is dear to them. The date of their meeting, that of their wedding or even that of your birth are all ideas that will make your gift unforgettable.


Since the beginning of your relationship, you must have traveled hundreds, even thousands of places together! How about adding the latitude and longitude coordinates of your favorite location to your chosen room?

If your first kiss took place at the foot of the Sacré-Coeur in Paris, it will give this:

48° 53' 12.501'' N 2° 20' 34.855'' E

Getting latitude and longitude coordinates is quite easy. Just use a website like . You can also use the iPhone app called What3Words, which is even more accurate.


How do you tell your friends how much you love them? You can personalize the piece of your choice with a meaningful quote for you and him.

We have taken the liberty of making a small selection of some quotes on friendship that we are very fond of:

“Friendship is the similarity of souls” - Alcuin

“Love, the most important thing in life. No, friendship is even more important” - Yves Saint Laurent

“The friendship of a great man is a blessing from the gods” - Voltaire

“There is no better mirror than a true friend” - Japanese proverb

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