La collaboration avec le monument le plus célèbre du monde ..

The collaboration with the most famous monument in the world..

- Jack of Spades X Eiffel Tower: The actors of a French-style collaboration -

The limited edition Jack of Spades X The Eiffel Tower now takes its place in our collection of French leather goods made in Paris & Biarritz. Our flagship pieces made in family leather goods and saddlery workshops are at the very center of a collaboration revisiting them in a very French color, Navy Blue.

The quality of this historical know-how recognized throughout the world implies the result of a qualitative and sustainable production over time.

- The story of blue -

In history, the color blue took a long time to make a name for itself. Indeed, being difficult to master, the population of the time did not give it any importance or name as it was uncommon and of no interest to them. It is only from the 12th century that we notice a great development around blue, on royal and princely clothes, manuscripts, cathedral stained glass windows etc. The color becomes noble, because the Virgin Mary is from that time represented by wearing it instead of the color black.

It was in the early 1700s that the synthetic pigment for blue was finally discovered by chance when Johann Jacob Diesbach (a German color merchant) tried to create a deep red, eventually landing on blue, later called blue of Prussia.

So we decided to highlight this color that is both missing and full of history to rewrite it in our own way. A way to highlight our love of France and especially its know-how of which we are proud to be part of this day.

- Jack of Spades: What do we represent? -

Since its creation in 2018, our French leather goods brand has been based on several values ​​including sustainability, sobriety, responsible consumption and the promotion of French craftsmanship. We strive daily to respect them by offering you one of the best qualities in terms of vegetable tanned leather in respect of its production, its use as well as its maintenance so that it is always beautiful and functional at all times. over time.

For you, our company is also the practice of consuming local, consuming French. From the design of the models to their cardboard packaging in order to arrive at your home, all the stages are created, manufactured and executed in France.

Our leather comes from France, Italy and Spain, which allows us to use exclusively European materials. To our greatest happiness, yours, as well as that of the people around you on a daily basis.

Finally, we invite you to take a look at this limited edition that is so close to our hearts. The Colette and Judith bags as well as the Gustave card holder and the Jules passport holder are therefore now available to you in this elegant, very French colour: Navy Blue.


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