Notre top 3 de cadeaux pour soutenance de thèse !

Our top 3 gifts for thesis defense!

The graduation thesis, the greatest moment in a student's life is obviously that of obtaining his diploma! For this very special event, many do not know what gift to choose to please the happy doctor after so many years of study. We therefore present to you a short guide that will give you the best gift ideas for the thesis defense signed Valet de Pique to offer him after all this work...

1 - The George pouch, the ideal thesis gift for men and women:

A simple and elegant laptop bag (for all budgets) to offer without breaking your head to find a gift that works for sure. Made in the most beautiful and noble of materials: full-grain cowhide leather. Apart from its aesthetic aspect, this unusual gift is both waterproof and robust, it will protect the computer from shocks and rain.
This product is a personalized gift thanks to a laser engraving in our Parisian workshops. It is possible to write initials, first names, personal phrases, quotes, dates etc… according to everyone's taste! It's a customizable gift idea present for life on the thesis gift without overdoing it!


George currently comes in two sizes 13 and 15 inches, as well as three colorways: Honey, Chocolate and Black.
We recommend this small thesis gift to people who above all appreciate the technical aspect of things. These would be touched by a good practical gift idea that can accompany them on a daily basis (without breaking the budget and the time in shopping).

The protective thesis gift idea for the graduate's computer - and it's always nice if there are little chocolates with it.

But before continuing, what is the thesis? In the university course, following the master's degree, it is possible to continue with a doctorate in 3 years which leads to a Bac+8 diploma. During this diploma, it is required to present a written work called the Thesis allowing the obtaining of the title of doctor. We often talk about thesis defense in medicine, but thesis gifts are not only made in this field!
Why offer a thesis gift? The thesis gift is not the kind that is offered for a birthday, Father's Day or Mother's Day. Why ? Because the thesis gift is the way to congratulate the student for having carried out his research work during the last year of his degree in order to succeed in his thesis. The thesis gift is generally a significant gift from the transition from studies to working life.

2 - The Doctor Madeleine bag, the original thesis gift for women:

What could be better than a Doctor as the ideal thesis gift? Nothing, because for once, the name goes very well with the occasion! It is indeed the perfect thesis gift for future doctor.
This handbag inspired by doctor's bags from the beginning of the 20th century was created by taking up their famous opening system of the time. Something to offer an original gift for the thesis finally obtained (and not just a mug)! It allows easy opening and makes its capacity profitable with quick access to the interior.
Give him this gadget gift whose finesse and precision are the key words, its round and clean lines will match everyone's style, night and day. This while not forgetting the main thing, transporting everyday business in a safe box.

This box bag contains an interior flat pocket at the bottom of the bag that can hold a phone or other small original doctor's items. It is currently available in 3 colors: Honey, Chocolate and Black.
We recommend this end of thesis gift to those who like to collect unusual bags of all kinds, so take advantage of the opportunity to offer a special gift. Especially if they like puns and historical references!

The fashion thesis gift idea that completes the graduate's outfits - we don't say no if you plan to offer it on a birthday or on Valentine's Day, however.

Personal gift or group gift? It depends on your relationship with the recipient as well as your budget. If you are ever part of a group of common friends or family, you can contribute to offer an exceptional gift that the person cannot afford in order to make him happy and mark the moment. 'opportunity. In addition, grouped gifts are generally very touching for the person receiving them because they are a sign of cohesion and common efforts in order to please.
Do you want to offer a personal gift? Personal gifts, on the other hand, can be emotional in another way. They can recall a loving memory thanks to a personalized sentence, a private joke between the two people. These make it possible to make a small but ideal gift to strengthen the bonds between loved ones other than around a bottle of wine, even if we love it.
We will therefore help you find an original gift idea to offer (in order to avoid the use of a gift card)!

3 - The Edmond briefcase the thesis gift for travellers:

A briefcase with a simple and elegant look, this one has been developed with the aim of adapting to all styles, whether in the professional environment or relaxing with friends! This customizable gift is therefore a timeless classic that stands out from more contemporary models, which can contain things for all occasions.
Ensuring the longevity of our products as well as having a low environmental impact is one of the core values ​​of our company. This is why the leather used for this beautiful gift comes from a Spanish family tannery in order to respect our wish to use materials coming as close as possible to France.


This model, however very solid and skating over time, is a very light product weighing only 0.7 kg.
It may not be big enough to hide a cushion, but it can also contain documents, a 13-inch computer, a charger, a pocket book and a pen (enough to work instead of sleep). You can offer this holiday gift in the colors Black, Chocolate and Honey.
We recommend this perfect gift for those who will have a lot of documents to carry on a daily basis and will need a large capacity product for all occasions. It is possible to hang a key ring on the loop of the satchel, enough to accessorize it a little!

The thesis gift idea for graduates classy by day and stylish by night (aka the perfect thesis gift for men)! - unless they don't like to be spoiled, but that would surprise us.

We therefore hope that this little guide has helped you on the big question "What thesis gift to give to a young graduate?". Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to personalize your thesis gift in order to add a personal touch to your gift. Our presented thesis gifts are all present on our website and some in points of sale in Paris and surroundings! And in case of extreme emergency, we also offer gift cards ranging from 50 to 400 euros, it can be useful..

And don't worry, we'll write you more articles soon on Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for men, for women, for Valentine's Day, and many more..

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