3 idées pour un cadeau de départ

3 ideas for a parting gift

The end of an adventure, the beginning of a new one! Retirement, change of company, year of
caesura, the reasons for leaving are multiple, but what gift to choose for this occasion? A
box, a Mug, an unusual gift?
The choice is often difficult so, immerse yourself in the Jack of Spades universe and find the
ideal gift. A personalized gift, a unique gift, a perfect gift.

parting gift

1 - The George pouch, the gift that pleases every time:

A quality and top-of-the-range product that will accompany everyday life and that will delight its user. Simple and practical, it will suit both men and women. The computer as well as the documents will be protected there thanks to its impermeability and its robustness. The leather of exceptional quality comes from the great French luxury houses. With the up-cycling process, we produce a unique and responsible product. You can personalize your cover with a date, a word to accompany an adventure or another symbolic word. Engrave this moment so that the lucky recipient can remember it for the rest of their life.

Cognac or Chocolate, the George pouch is also available in 13 and 15 inches, everyone will find what they are looking for. This is the perfect opportunity to offer a memorable gift that will be both appreciated and at the right price.

Accompanied by a bottle of wine, chocolates or sweets:

mens leaving gift

The word departure is not negative, it refers to a race, a new destination. Whether it is leaving a function, a company or a country, finishing a chapter to write a new one, such is the meaning of life. Planned or unplanned, a departure must be marked by a present. A departure is a party to be celebrated, a jump to be made. The departure gift makes it possible to accompany the person in their new stage while providing them with memories of their passage at this precise moment.

“I have accomplished delicious journeys, embarked on a word…” Honoré de Balzac.


2 - The Colette handbag, a small gift for women:

Finding a gift can be complicated. A real headache that often ends with the purchase of a t-shirt, jewelry or a key ring. All occasions are good to make an impression with an original gift idea, to offer an exceptional product so that your best friend, your sister or your colleague remains elegant in all situations. Much more than just a bag, you will complete a style. Solid and timeless, good quality and timeless, you will never get tired of it.

What could be better than a multi-faceted attention that will become an iconic piece within the wardrobe.

Indeed, the bag has the characteristic of being made of full grain cowhide leather, of having an elaborate and neat design as well as an original and practical clasp. Beyond the aesthetic side, everyday business can be stored there.

Its dimensions will allow you to store a wallet, a lipstick, headphones and many other everyday objects. Let's not forget its inside pocket, the phone will never be lost. The Colette handbag is available in honey, chocolate, black, fir, saffron and red. So many colors to satisfy a loved one.

A personalized gift accompanied by a bouquet of flowers:

women leaving gift

A parting gift will depend on the link with this person, the closer we are to them, the more we want to please them. Whether it is for a retirement or a departure for another country, with several people, you can contribute to spoil the person. All budgets are there. The important thing is that through this gesture, this moment remains marked in the minds and that this departure is underlined by a timeless object. What could be more beautiful than creating and offering.


3 - Alphonse backpack, as much for him as for her

Forget gift cards. Nowadays, diversity takes precedence and what better than to offer an Alphonse backpack that will suit both men and women. You want to aim for the simple and the elegant, these are the terms that characterize our product.

An essential for a person who likes to travel, walk around, carry a few books, pens or other necessary gadgets. The vintage side contrasts with the high-tech that surrounds us, also bringing charm and elegance to the product.

Full grain leather, unlined to allow the user to smell the leather. A weight of 0.99 kg for a waterproof backpack that will become the most faithful adventure companion. Produced in 3 colours: Honey, chocolate and black. The Alphonse backpack can be personalized in just a few clicks.

mixed leaving gift

To offer, but what to offer? This is the question we ask ourselves. Just for fun or for a special occasion? Receiving or offering bring emotions, a departure is at first sight something sad, but it is to be celebrated. The unusual gift is significant, but the parting gift is only a sweet goodbye.


Soon, other articles will be published on different themes (birthday gift, Valentine's Day gift, Christmas gift, Father's Day, Mother's Day) to help you identify the ideal gift.

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