The whole team of Valet de pique has been working hard these last months! It is very, very happy to announce that the pre-sales of the computer sleeve, made in Paris, will be available on October 8th, at 10am on

How will it work?

Our first goal with Valet de pique is to offer you authentic, locally produced, durable leather goods that you can keep for years, at a reasonable price.

To do this, we have rethought the traditional model, we offer you to buy it before it is produced, we cut out the middleman, and the costs related to storage to offer you the best quality-price ratio.

You will have less than two weeks to pre-order one or more computer sleeves and once the campaign is over, we will start the production.

We can tell you without taking too much risk that you will be hard pressed to find a better value for money for a laptop sleeve made in France (especially in Paris!)

Pre-orders will start on Tuesday, October 8th, until Sunday, October 23rd.

You will be delivered in mid-November.

The bags will be 85€ until October 23rd instead of 145€!

They will be available in Honey, Chocolate and Black, in 13 inches.


It's as simple as that. We have a lot of ideas for the development of new products for the future and we really hope to create them with you!

We'll see you next tuesday, at 10am on, but don't worry we'll send you a little email...

And of course, everything you need to know about the computer sleeve will be explained on the product page, along with as many pictures as possible so you can easily see what it looks like.

See you next Tuesday,

Valet de pique

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