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How to clean a leather wallet?

The wallet is much more than a simple accessory to carry your various personal effects on a daily basis. Just like your handbag or your clutch, it is also a fashion accessory par excellence. This is the reason why you should always take good care of its appearance. Whether you have a large wallet with several compartments or a genuine leather or faux leather card holder, know that you can give it a facelift. Here are our best tips for cleaning a smooth vegetable-tanned leather wallet properly.


Smooth leather, can it be cleaned?

Your small smooth Hermès, Nat et Nin, Tommy Hilfiger or Valet de Pique leather goods have lost their shine and beauty over time, but are you worried that cleaning them will harm them? It's only natural that you're scared, because your black or brown leather wallet might have cost you a small fortune or had sentimental value, for example.

Fear not, however, because caring for your leather wallet will allow its precious leather to revive while extending its lifespan. In addition, the operation is relatively quick and easy, a real treat. To remove any doubt, just be sure to apply a little maintenance product at the beginning. When you get used to it, you can add more to make your accessory brighter and more attractive.

What do you need to clean a smooth leather wallet?

To give a facelift to a men's wallet or a women's leather wallet, you will need to have a few specific accessories and products. Remember that caring for a smooth full-grain vegetable-tanned leather wallet is different from that of grained cowhide leather wallets, for example. You should therefore avoid using the same maintenance tools as when cleaning them.

You will need wax specially formulated for vegetable tanned leather. You will also need a brush to apply it to the leather and a soft cloth to prep it for application. To wipe your card holder after the operation, a round of lint-free cotton is also necessary. Note that to reach corners that are too narrow for the brush, you can use an old toothbrush.

What are the steps for cleaning the smooth leather wallet?

The first thing to do is to rub the part to be cleaned with the cloth. The idea is to remove all impurities. This will also allow you to heat up the leather a little. The friction should change the shade of the latter a little. In case there is no change, it may be really dry. It will then be necessary to continue rubbing so as to open the pores on its surface. The second step is to take a little wax (or our nourishing milk ) with the brush, then apply it to part of the leather.

Repeat the process until you cover your entire men's or women's wallet evenly, and the wax is no longer glistening on the surface. When applying the product, you need to make circular movements. To better penetrate the wax, pass the round of cotton. At the same time, wipe off the excess still on the surface. All you have to do is dry your leather wallet in the open air for 48 hours in a dry place.

What about the maintenance of luxury wallets and bags?

Wallets, clutches and handbags in brown, black or even navy blue leather offer you many advantages, especially if they come from the catalog of a leatherworker-saddler like Valet de Pique. They guarantee you designs that are both unique and creative, but above all ecological. They are also able to enhance your elegance to give you an original look. These accessories are also appreciated for their practicality and the exceptional comfort they provide. They are also characterized by good quality thanks to which they are easy to maintain. Of course, they derive their quality from their first-choice material.


How to maintain small luxury leather goods?

Handbag or shoulder bag in full-grain leather, suede or nubuck, checkbook holder or case in soft leather, patent leather with zip or zipper, etc., whatever your small luxury leather goods, know that it must be specifically maintained. For a light-colored leather credit card wallet, for example, you must polish it with a woolen cloth soaked in beaten egg white. For another grained leather accessory, you can clean it with a slightly damp cloth and a very dilute mineral spirits solution to remove grease and dirt.

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