Comment choisir le bon cartable en cuir ?

How to choose the right leather schoolbag?

Considered one of the most distinguished accessories when you want to carry your belongings in style, the leather satchel has managed to establish itself as a reference over the years. Its two biggest advantages are that it is capable of carrying many documents and that it suits all styles, genders and ages. Today, school bags are made of different materials, but the most popular is leather. As one of the finest materials, leather offers a truly unique look to your schoolbag and extends its life.

Why choose a leather schoolbag?

As useful for men as for women, the leather briefcase is a great accessory, because it allows all those who have one to carry their documents, but also to have a bag to store their 15-inch computer. Apart from the fact that it has many compartments and distinguishes itself from other models by its very particular style, the leather satchel is perfect no matter what type of clothes you wear. In fact, it is suitable for those who dress in suits as well as those who wear street clothes. Also note that the accessory is light and especially easy to carry, besides most models have cords so you can wear them on your shoulder.

What are the criteria for selecting a leather satchel?

In case you want to buy a leather schoolbag, it is important to base your choice on specific criteria. Among them, you have the size of the bag, the quality and the color of the leather.

The size of the schoolbag

The size of your schoolbag is the most important element when you want to buy one. It should be able to serve as a 15-inch laptop sleeve as well as a briefcase. If you are looking for the best equipment available on the French market, don't hesitate to choose the Emile 15 inch briefcase, because it is robust, aesthetic and very practical.

The quality of the leather

Another element that will let you know that you are dealing with a very resistant accessory is the quality of the leather. When you choose one of the Emile models, for example, your schoolbag is made with a noble, natural and robust leather that makes it timeless. Another particularity of Emile's leather satchels is that you can personalize them by adding a laser engraved text for the modest sum of 25 euros.

The color of the leather is also important when you want to buy the right accessory. Today, most manufacturers of school bags offer them in a variety of colors, but the most popular are black and brown. While individual tastes are important when choosing the right shade of leather, it is recommended to choose a color that will go with any clothing style you adopt.

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