Avec quoi porter un sac à dos en cuir pour femme ?

What to wear with a women's leather backpack?

Recently, the satchel has made a comeback on the catwalks of fashion weeks. Functional fashion accessory often neglected for its competitor, the handbag. However, the backpack or satchel has many advantages, in particular that of freeing movement. It is often recommended by our osteopaths to preserve our shoulders.

Valet de piques also offers several vintage-looking models to accompany you in your daily life. Designed to last, all Valet de Pique backpacks are made in France in a factory located in the heart of Paris. The leather used is full-grain cowhide for its sturdiness and charming patina.

The little extra of our bags: they are all customizable. And that is so classy!

Despite all these good reasons for opting for a satchel this season, you may still be hesitant... You are probably having difficulty carrying it without falling into the schoolgirl cliché.

So, allow me to present to you 3 outfits suitable for a week with the various backpacks and schoolbags of Valet de Pique as accessories.


Carrying the schoolbag to go to work:

The week begins and it's time to go to work. To create this first outfit, I suggest you go with the Émile satchel in black. Classic and timeless, this model is inspired by the PTT satchels worn by French postmen in the 1960s.

To highlight this piece of French craftsmanship, I advise you to play with contrasts:

  • Vintage and Contemporary
  • Black and white
  • Fitted and wide
  • Shiny and matte
  • Long and Short

For this example, the voluminous white shirt is contrasted with the tight chunky cream skirt. Above, we add a sleeveless trench coat in a neutral color. To finish the outfit, we bring black contrasting accessories for modernity. Here, boots have been added to go with the skirt, but if you prefer pants, consider loafers.


Wearing the backpack to take a drink:

Your watch says 8 p.m., it's time to join your friends outside for a drink.

To enjoy this evening, you need a comfortable outfit. To start the outfit, I suggest the Émile satchel in red to bring joy to your look, in addition to being practical to wear, Émile offers you enough space to store a jacket in case the temperatures drop during the winter. evening.

To highlight the resplendent color of this satchel, we start with a classic outfit with a retro look inspired by the 50s . At the top, a delicate blouse with an English embroidery collar tucked into checked trousers; So British. For the jacket, think of navy blue, this color will always go perfectly with red. To finish the shoes, Rouge to recall the bag, but with a patent finish to energize the outfit.


Carry the backpack for the weekend

Saturday morning, you have to choose your outfit to spend a weekend full of twists and turns or, on the contrary, a quiet weekend.

Whatever your projects, this outfit has the advantage of adapting to all situations.

Here, I suggest you mix thick and comfortable materials to match the leather of the Alphonse Chocolate backpack. This vintage style men's or women's leather backpack is built to last. Its little extra, its large outside pocket and its very comfortable wide straps.

For this look, we don't hesitate to bring out your chunky stitches. In this example, we put on a sailor top to add a Parisian touch, but any type of sweater will look great.

At the bottom, we thought of raw jeans with a wide 7/8 cut and the feet of white trainers with XXL soles. Without forgetting the final touch, the sunglasses. We could also have added a leather belt, but in this example the sweater looks better over the jeans, so the belt would not have been visible.



In conclusion, as you have seen, the backpack is not so difficult to carry. You just need to know the basics. Once assimilated, they will be automatic. As a reminder, the principles are:

  • Playing with contrasts: Vintage and Contemporary, Black and White, Fitted and Wide, Shiny and Matte, Long and Short…
  • Highlight the bag with a classic outfit (preferably vintage like the bag)
  • Mix thick and comfortable materials: chunky knit, jeans, suede, leather...
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