Colette : La naissance du jour

Colette : The birth of the day

It's been several weeks that we have been telling you the story of our very first handbag. You have followed it from conception to manufacturing, you may already be waiting for its delivery, but you are missing its name.

A handbag is a companion, a toolbox and the finishing touch to your outfit.

For this very first bag for women Valet de pique, you will have understood, the best of French craftsmanship has been put to work. From its design to your shoulder, we wanted to make it a symbol of the French art of living.

An exceptional know-how combined with simplicity and elegance of design. To make do with conventions, fashions and trends to acquire a freedom without faults and to build its own style. A summary of the French art of living, refinement combined with the intelligence of the land.

An art of living embodied by a name. A name that evokes freedom, refinement and the intelligence of the land. Do you have it? (the clue is in the title)

We chose a name that would give full expression to the heritage of which our bag is a testimony. The name of an emblematic and subversive personality of the French culture. A personality far from clichés, cultivating her singularity throughout her life.

A writer, who by her life and her genius liberated women long before Simone de Beauvoir. Liberated, provocative, sensual, she perfectly illustrates the Parisian woman of today. She claims before the time the right to pleasure by taking control of her destiny. She assumes her biases, and invents a new genre and ends up reaching a level of perfection unequalled in French prose.

The delicacy of feelings associated with the harshness of the land that gives our ambassador a peasant grace that no one else will embody.

All these nuances and the finesse of her character represent for us all the complexity of the French art of living that we have chosen to give to our bag. A bag that we have chosen to name, Colette.

"What I like about her voice is her very pronounced Burgundian accent. This accent that everyone is trying to lose today in contact with Paris, but what I also like is this look of wonder in Colette's eyes. Colette is a great living woman. She is a woman who loved life in all its moments."

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