Pourquoi acheter un sac à main made in France ?

Why buy a handbag made in France?

According to the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, "Made in France" or "made in France" is an origin marking that companies can indicate on their goods. To obtain this marking, the product must have undergone “its last substantial transformation in France, and carried out in a French company.


By buying French products, you participate in the preservation of our beautiful planet!

Why buy a Made in France handbag?

By buying French, you avoid your products having to go around the globe before arriving at your home. In this way, you limit CO2 emissions! At Valet de Pique, bags and accessories are designed in Paris and made in France in our workshops located in Belleville and Biarritz. Then they are simply transported to your home, without having offered a trip around the world.


By buying French, you help the French economy to prosper

What we often forget is that by buying French products, you are sure of the working conditions in which they were made. Thus, you say no to the exploitation of adults and children and you fight for a more decent world, in which everyone is remunerated at their fair value.

The purchase of products made in France is a guarantee of compliance with health standards. In many countries like China, Bangladesh or India not to mention them, the sanitary conditions are not great-great.

For example, in our workshops, the leather is vegetable tanned, contrary to traditional tanning, vegetable tanning is more ecological and less harmful for workers.

Bonus: it is no less effective than so-called traditional tanning.

handbag made in France

By buying French, you get a guarantee of quality and French know-how

At Valet de Pique, each piece is shaped by hand. The leather spends many hours between the fingers of the craftsmen, in order to take shape and satisfy its future wearer. We make sure throughout the creation process that the product you have in your hands is designed to last.

Made in France means opting for a bag where traceability and production quality are more transparent. As for the leather, it very often comes from French or Spanish tanneries, which perpetuate a historical know-how.


How to make a handbag?

All start in the workshops where we design the models in co-creations with you! For each product, we take the time to think about the smallest details. From there, several prototypes are made with the help of craftsmen to ensure the high quality of each piece. Then production is launched in the most qualified workshop according to the techniques used for each model.

How to recognize a high quality made in France bag

handbag made in France

All items are signed and dated by its maker, which makes the piece unique. A little more than you will find only in very high quality leather goods. You even have the possibility to personalize your bag or accessory.

Preservation of endangered know-how

At Valet de Pique, we work with 2 French workshops

The first is a family workshop located not far from Biarritz, run by two brothers from a family of historic leatherworkers-saddlers, a workshop in the heart of the Basque Country, guaranteeing quality recognized throughout the world, maintaining a know-how French.

The second is located in the heart of Paris in the 11th arrondissement. It is a family business using techniques and know-how dating back more than a hundred years. They make leather harnesses, tool boxes and nail pouches. Everything is done by hand or using machines as old as the company.


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