L'histoire du premier sac seau Valet de Pique

The history of the first Valet de Pique bucket bag

The story begins in 1932. The French brand known for its luggage and trunks invented the bucket bag. Its function was to carry champagne without breaking the bottles. In the original model the wide and reinforced rectangular base was designed to hold five bottles of champagne.

The creation of the first Valet de Pique bucket bag is synonymous with tradition, history and passion. We'll tell you its story.

Created in 2018, Valet de Pique's mission is to promote the French leather goods craftsmanship.

The result of a meeting between a young entrepreneur, Martin, and a family-owned factory in the heart of Paris, with a century-old know-how as a saddler, Valet de Pique wants to be ecologically responsible with products made to last, vegetable tanning of leather, Parisian manufacturing, European leather and an eco-responsible choice of suppliers. We are passionate about beauty, about craftsmanship, which requires a great theoretical know-how, but also a great "intelligence of the hand".

To design this bucket bag, we started from the iconic model used to transport Champagne, mixed with our saddlery know-how to give a refined, elegant, refined piece.

It's a simple, basic, unpretentious piece with what matters most; a noble material, a remarkable manufacturing process and the choice of the right proportions.

A noble material

The material first, a smooth leather that has undergone less transformation and keeps its natural aspect. The leather is vegetable tanned, a tanning process that is less polluting and not harmful to humans. This method of tanning allows the leather to age over time by developing a patina. Thus, each product becomes completely unique as it is used. Our tanneries work exclusively with European animals raised for meat and milk production, in order to have complete traceability of their supplies and to guarantee the application of the strictest animal welfare laws.

Only leather of this quality can guarantee the durability of our pieces and their incomparable patina, while limiting our impact on the environment.

A handcrafted production made in France

For the manufacture of the bucket bag, we wanted precision in the details, the finesse resulting from the passion, the nobility of craftsmen. We went to meet a workshop in the southwest of France.

This family workshop located not far from Biarritz is run by two brothers from a historical family of leatherworkers and saddlers, a workshop in the heart of the Basque country that guarantees a quality recognized throughout the world, maintaining a French know-how.

A workshop mastering to perfection the craftsmanship of the leatherworker-saddler.

Purity of form

For the shape of the bag we seek to simplify it permanently, by putting forward the purity, the essential for a natural return. The oval shape allows this bag to fit perfectly with your silhouette.

This bucket bag is worn with an adjustable shoulder strap in long or cross-body. It closes easily and contains a pocket to put your phone for example. The body has a timeless shape, inspired by your daily life and our know-how, guaranteeing a permanent fit and comfort.

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