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Valet de pique blew its first candle a few weeks ago. One year already ...

A very nice adventure which starts very well. It's time to make our first assessment and to take a breather (after the Christmas holidays of course, the orders placed before Thursday, December 19th - midnight - are guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas, so we still have some work to do). A little over a year ago, I (Martin) set out on a mission to create a brand that would bring measure back to consumption, creating leather goods that would last a lifetime, goods that could be passed down from generation to generation. When I graduated from engineering school, I wanted to give meaning to my first profession and I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

In November 2018, I met a family-owned manufacture in the heart of Paris, with a century-old know-how as a saddler and harness maker, a manufacture that used to make the briefcases of Air France pilots and currently makes leather tool cases for workers, or plumbers. So I used their know-how of robust product, formerly reserved for professionals and I designed a first briefcase, I called it Edmond. This was followed by Émile, the satchel, Gustave, the card holder, and George, the latest, the pouch.


We offer pieces that are the result of sixty years of know-how and that last over time. Pieces that can be passed down through the family, from one generation to the next: a bag, a life.

We have decided to take the time to develop our products in order to guarantee the best quality. We have worked with this manufacturer to develop high quality pieces. It was a pleasure each time to work with this manufacturer who knew how to listen to us, to improve, to adapt to our requirements. This is the beginning of a beautiful human story. With our customers as with our suppliers, we are convinced that it is by exchanging, by advocating transparency and sincerity that each one will manage to propose the best.


The crowdfinding campaign on ulule is our first big victory. Thanks to your great mobilization, we have largely exceeded our initial objective. We reached 407% of our goal. This has allowed us to launch ourselves, to gain notoriety and visibility. Once again, it is thanks to you. Thank you very much for telling your friends and family about Valet de pique.


We then developed partnerships with boutiques to distribute our products and participated in Who's next (fashion show) to make us known to boutiques and pop-up stores. We wanted you to be able to see, touch and feel our products right next to you. It was a great success, we signed eight partnerships. Thank you to all the stores that have been willing to distribute our products and that have trusted us.

We wish to accelerate and create other partnerships next year. Expect to see our products everywhere.


The pre-order launch of the George pouch was very successful and well received. We will therefore adopt and accentuate the launch of our new products in pre-orders in order to validate that the product meets your desires and offer them to you at a preferential rate.


The fruit of sixty years of know-how and we wish to share it with you, to transmit it to you. Valet de pique is also to allow you to share this know-how, to allow you to be closer to the craftsmen who made your piece. Next year we will organize visits of the workshop to let you discover and share the authenticity of this place.


We want to find new suppliers made in France to offer you the best of French know-how. Next year we want to launch a backpack, a range of small leather goods and a range of handbags and feminine products.

Finally, we would like to take advantage of these festive moments to thank you. We are very happy with what we do and very happy to get up in the morning and value the French craft industry, the local craft industry. And it's all thanks to you! Thank you for your patience, your precious feedback, your remarks that make the brand grow. We work to make our pieces both elegant and durable, of excellent quality and local. Your support is invaluable.

So once again, thank you all.

In 2020, we're going to impress you!

Martin pour Valet de pique

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