In this Valet de pique news article, we tell you about our day at the Lineapelle show in Milan 🇮🇪 last February. Happy reading!

It's 4am, the alarm clock rings, surprisingly and despite a short night, I don't have too much trouble getting up. Our plane takes off at 6am. At this hour the subways are not running yet... It's 4:30 am so I jump on a Vélib', direction Gare du Nord to take a RER that takes me to Charles de Gaulle airport.

I find Gabriel, we take a small coffee and take off in direction of Milan, a big day is waiting for us there. 10am, we arrived at the lounge after taking a bus from the airport. Our discovery can begin. Our mission of the morning: to find accessories for our next models. The Lineapelle show is impressive because of its size: there are 2000 companies present from more than 40 countries.

So we use a military organization (thanks to Gabriel for his year in the navy) to optimize our time and meet a maximum of companies. There is everything: small, large, medium, very good quality, intermediate quality, Chinese, not easy to find the perfect clasp among all these possibilities ... Gabriel juggles between Italian and English to exchange with the exhibitors. For my part my Spanish is not very useful here, so it will be English!

The morning is conclusive, a lot of very interesting companies that we will have to contact again in the next weeks.

Our second mission: to find other leather suppliers by privileging the French tanneries. It is impressive to see so many tanneries gathered in the same place. There are all types of leather: lamb, calf, cow of course, goat and even crocodile. We are very impressed by the different qualities between the leather from India and the leather from Europe, it has nothing to do (also in terms of price). There is crust, full grain leather, synthetic leather, collar, strips, backsplash ...

We met the most beautiful tanneries in the world like Haas, a French tannery that sells their leathers to the most beautiful leather goods companies in the world ( Hermes, Pacco-raban ... ), the quality they offer is impressive.

The result of this day is very positive. We left with a hundred business cards that will allow us to create new partnerships.

We now have a lot of work to do to sort out all these companies.

It's 7pm, we head to the center of Milan to make a small tour (very fast). We have just enough time to have a beer and a slice of pizza and we already have to go back to the airport to go back to Paris.

It's midnight and we are tired, but happy to have moved to Milan, to have taken a step further in the world of leather and to have met all these companies.

We say to you soon!

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