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The leather goods of tomorrow


We went to one of the best French tanners (so the world) to unearth for you the most beautiful pieces of leather forgotten by the great luxury houses.

By upgrading them we have created, Honoré, a small series of unique pouches.

Up-cycled material

A French handcrafted product


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La presse parle de Valet de Pique

A philosophy at the heart of creation

At Valet de Pique we want to be actor of tomorrow's world, we want to imagine it, create it. We have a desire to return to real things, we are in search of authenticity, concreteness, truth. This is why we have chosen the made in France of artisanal know-how, durable, timeless leather goods.
This bag will only live worn, a handbag resulting from hundreds of hours of work, gestures, passion, history, art, know-how, and this is just the beginning of the story...

Customize your Colette handbag

Add a small text, a message, a name, a quote, ... inside your Colette handbag.

Each piece is dated, laser numbered. We also offer to add a small text to make your handbag even more unique.

The personalization option is 25€.