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The Made in France handmade arts workshop
With Louise, we chose to merge Valet de Pique and Soubacq to create L'atelier des arts de la main and allow us to achieve our ambitions.

We have made it our mission to promote French know-how and craftsmanship for more sustainable fashion! 🌿

Our commitment to promote the made in France does not stop there!Arnaud Montebourg (former Minister of the Economy) entrusted us with the management of Bleu Blanc Ruche to promote honey from France.

To help us in our mission, we are looking for new talents 🌱🇫🇷

Join a family and dynamic team, in the workshop of the arts of the hand for a more responsible world with Valet de Pique, Soubacq and Bleu Blanc Ruche :

- Commercial Wholesales (CDI)
- Traffic manager (CDI)
- Sales assistant (work-study program / internship)
- Management assistant (work-study program / internship)